Blue Pansy (Junonia Orithya)

The rich biodiversity of Jammu and Kashmir has received a significant boost with the official declaration of the Blue Pansy (Junonia Orithya) as the region’s official butterfly. The announcement, made by Dheeraj Gupta, Principal Secretary to the Government for the Department of Forest, Ecology, and Environment, marks a crucial step towards preserving and protecting the natural heritage of this picturesque region.  

The Blue Pansy: A Delicate Beauty  

The Blue Pansy, known for its vibrant blue hues, is found in various parts of Southeast Asian countries, Australia, and Africa. With its territorial nature and stunning appearance, this butterfly captivates both enthusiasts and experts. The species is further distinguished by its remarkable adaptability, resulting in 26 local subspecies across its range. 

Challenges and Conservation Efforts  

Like many other species, the Blue Pansy faces numerous threats, including habitat loss and the effects of climate change. The delicate balance of its ecosystem is disrupted, endangering the survival of these enchanting creatures. The government’s decision to designate the Blue Pansy as the official butterfly of Jammu and Kashmir demonstrates a commitment to conserving the region’s natural beauty and biodiversity. 

Preserving the Natural Beauty  

This official recognition not only signifies the unique charm of the Blue Pansy but also emphasizes the interconnectedness of species and the delicate balance of the environment. It serves as a reminder of the responsibility to conserve and protect the region’s natural heritage for future generations. 



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