US authorizes Emergency Fund of $100 million for Afghan migrants

President of USA, Joe Biden, has authorized 100 million USD from an emergency fund to meet the refugee needs which is stemming from the geo-political situation in Afghanistan, which also includes the special immigration Afghan visa applicants.



  • Release of $200 million, has also been approved, in articles and services from the inventories of government agencies to meet the different needs.
  • USA is also preparing to evacuate thousands of special immigration visas (SIVs) Afghan applicants who are at risk of retaliation from the Taliban insurgents as they used to work for the USA.
  • About 2,500 Afghans could be brought to Fort Lee in different batches where they will be stationed and waiting for their application process. Following the completion of the process they will be given US visas.
  • S. facilities in the country as well as overseas are being looked into where these SIV applicants along with their families could be accommodated.


Who are eligible for Special immigrant visas?

Afghans, who used to work as translators or in various other departments for the USA government, are eligible for the Special immigrant visas. The House of Representatives of USA has passed a legislation that will increase the number of SIVs granted by the country by 8,000.


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