What is fibre optics? What advantages does it offer in telecommunications? Elaborate.

Fibre Optics is a branch of Physics dealing with principle of Internal reflection and its applications in various fields. Fibre optics technology enters high energy light waves in optical fibres, a hollow thread with efficient reflective inner surface, at the one end and it is transmitted to the other end.

Besides its application in medical and broadcasting, it is very useful in telecommunications. Sound energy is converted into and transmitted as light energy through optical fibres. Speedy and efficient transmission is the main advantage besides clarity. There is no or negligible loss of energy and cross talks are avoided. Electrical interference is also not present and so telecommunications gets good quality transmission.

In comparison to metallic lines, optical lines are smaller and therefore more messages can be sent simultaneously. They have large bandwidth and so a potentially high transmission capacity. They are signal tapping proof and possess high temperature tolerance. Components are lightweight and 10,000 times thinner than hair.


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