The NRC experiment in Assam has led to a divisive political posturing. What do you think will be the result of similar experiments in other north-eastern states?

Nagaland is also building a Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN). This is being set up on the same lines as NRC, which has been adopted by Assam. Nagaland has put its claims on the fact that the process has been closely watched as it took place in Assam and will soon start to recognize the identification and registration of indigenous people within five months. Nagaland will be facing similar challenges due to the complex demographics of the north-eastern states. Although the population of Nagaland is less than Assam, but the ground situation is more volatile due to the routine extension of the AFSPA.
The fate of the nationless people as recognised by Assam lies in limbo as the Bangladeshi government has clarified that there is no possibility of deportation as it is an internal matter of India. The situation has become even more volatile. The whole exercise is being closely watched in Assam by other northeastern states which share the same geography and other factors. Such experiments should only be replicated in other states once there is a clear end in sight of the one which was taken up in Assam.



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