How do you see the proposal of reservation of 20% beds for the poor in the private hospitals? Should it be allowed?

Healthcare is the primary responsibility of any government. In these times, it is seen the state of services in the government-run hospitals in many parts of the country is very bad so the need for making the private healthcare affordable to the poor becomes pressing.

  • The provision will give the much-needed relief to the poor for whom the treatment in private hospital has become unthinkable.
  • In fact, the provision should also be extended to lower middle-class who fall below certain criteria of income. There can be in fact concessions to the tune of around 50% for the lower middle class and around 75% for the poor.
  • This also becomes important as it comes under the criteria of corporate social responsibility for private

Alternately, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the quality of healthcare in state-run hospitals. All BPL families have to give some insurance along with other medical facilities. There are many such governmental programs running but their implementation is a challenge and has to be ensured.


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