"The Indo-US nuclear deal marked a turning point in India-US relations; ending India's nuclear apartheid. But ironically, this deal is still remaining unimplemented."Critically examine various issues and progress made thereupon so far.

In 2005, commencement of 123 Agreement between India and USA. Hyde Act of 2006, gave legal framework to pact. In 2008, NSG removed ban from nuclear cooperation with India result of which was; India has since signed nuclear cooperation agreements with several countries.In 2008, India negotiated safeguards agreement with the (IAEA).
In 2010 Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act was passed bringing logjam of ‘Right to Recourse’ and ‘Parallel Safeguards’. In India-US summit of Jan 2015, US denied on any compromise to its terms and conditions set in earlier deal.


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