"Though India has not been able to set up campuses of Foreign Universities here; the GIAN initiative seems to be a turning point in higher education."Discuss.

Model Answer:
Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) scheme led by MHRD aims at bringing in international academic excellence in India’s higher education institutions such as IIT, IIM, NIT, and few other central Universities. The scheme includes Guest lecturers from international faculties; short term or long term technical or management courses, etc.
Although our country has not been able to set up campuses of Foreign Universities here via the Foreign Universities Bill; this scheme must be able to be a turning point in higher education. The Government’s interest in proper implementation of this scheme can be gauged from the fact that it roped in Fields Medalist Dr. Manjul Bhargava, R. Brandon Fradd Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University as its brand ambassador.  The scheme connects India’s top institutions and Central universities with global faculty. It will be helpful for adoption of new methods in teaching, boosting research and cutting edge technologies and building stronger academic networks. However, success of this initiative depends on coordination and management capacities of the MHRD and the concerned higher education institutions. (174 words)


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