The economy must be evaluated in terms of how much it contributes to he ease of our living. Comment.

PM Modi has recently announced that his government has set the target for India to be a $5 trillion economy by 2024. This will be done by improving some of the vital statistics of India to place India on a firm footing to ensure that the economic policies are based on realities. It will need a complete design, funding and sound governance. There should be some valuable components of the valuable economy as mentioned below:
� India has a very low rank at the United Nations World Happiness Report. The report is directly related to empowerment and happiness which in turn is dependent on the sense of well-being. This also depends on the level of education and health. Indian education system is completely broken down and almost crying public health infrastructure.
� The second most important improvement will be equal opportunity to all. Largescale inequality in opportunity arises mainly from inequality in income. Gender inequality which is deep-rooted in the Indian society will be difficult to uproot.
� Nature conservation should be another priority of the Indian government. Reduction in all kinds of pollution.
Thus, all changes which will improve the quality of life of the majority of the people is what will make India truly a $5 million economy.


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