Do you think the idea of Indian Space Station will be a futile exercise especially as it has to master a lot of expertise which is needed to ensure human viability in space?

Indian Space Research Organization is preparing itself for a very ambitious project of a manned mission to space called Gaganyaan. ISRO also surprised the world as it announced plans to launch its very own Space Station in the low earth orbit at an altitude of 400km above the surface. ISRO has proved its mettle by giving some wonderful feats and historic space missions but has not been able to master the expertise needed for manned missions. Thus, a Space Station without human crew will be a futile exercise. Indian agency should thus shift its focus towards more application-based space technology which can improve the lives of millions of people rather than indulging in missions which will bring no concrete results. It can however, also bring other nations on board for all the required resources just like the ISS which is also an international collaborative project.


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