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Is Right to Internet a Fundamental Right ?

It was Finland who went ahead to legislate the right to broadband, although in practice it was to achieve a universal service obligation requiring all telecom companies to provide residents with a line of at least 1 Mbps. A number of countries later followed with the right to internet and began to offer Wi-fi connections. ..


Citizenship Amendment Act : Factors behind protests

Since the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 there has been protests country wide and post the event at the Jamia Milia University, the agitation has only intensified. There is a need to look at the factors behind the recent protests. Factors behind protests Firstly, there has been a new level of polarisation in ..

Telecom Industry : Adoption of 5G

The telecom industry has spoken about India’s high spectrum costs which have left the companies finances stretched. Two of the sector’s three major players are looking at extra payments to be made to the government. The industry is complaining of the overpriced 5G services which are upcoming, considering that these are being sold in other ..


Rising incidents of Cyber Crime

There have been incidents of people being defrauded over promises of winning a lottery or availing services of friendship or dating. A common factor which was present in the victims were that they are all educated, yet the blindly believe the cyber fraudsters who get in touch with them over social media and internet dating ..


Winter Solstice and its Significance

The word solstice is derived from the Latin word ‘solstitum’ which stands for the Sun standing still. It is on this day the Sun seems to stand still at the Tropic of Capricon & then reverses its direction as it reaches the southernmost position. It is also referred to as the sunturn. The Winter solstice ..


RBI’s Operation Twist

Operation Twist is the name give to the monetary policy operation of the US Federal Reserve. It involves the sale and purchase of government securities to boost the economy by bringing down the long term interest rates. It will help to make loans less expensive with those looking to buy homes, cars and make savings ..