Indian agriculture faces a new set of problems due to changing land holding pattern. Discuss its consequences and suggest ways to resolve such structural issues in agriculture.

Changing land holding pattern is one of the major problems in Indian agriculture sector.

Changing land holding pattern:

  • Land fragmentation – resulting in decreased revenue.
  • Small land holdings – Inability to use large machinery.
  • Prevalence of subsistence agriculture.
  • Subleasing of land to landless labourers.
  • High land rates being imposed on non-statutory tenants.
  • Women not inheriting agricultural land – landless farmers.
  • Diversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses.

Ways to resolve:

  • Statutory and strict enforcement of land reform laws.
  • Ensuring equitable distribution of land among women.
  • Prevention of subleasing land to agricultural labourers (present absentee landlordism).
  • Discouraging fragmentation of land.
  • Awareness of new age cropping practices, high yielding seed varieties.
  • Encouragement of mechanisation (loans, machines, banks, etc).

Rationalisation of land holding is of paramount importance in ensuring higher agricultural yield. Strict implementation of all statutory guidelines should be ensured.


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