Give an account of the President�s rule in India. What are the conditions in which it can be applied in a state?

The imposition of�Article 356�of the Constitution on a State following the failure of constitutional machinery is called President�s Rule in India.�
�Features of the rule:

  • The�elected state government will be temporarily dissolved
  • The�Governor, who is appointed by the government at the Centre,�will replace the Chief Minister as the chief executive of the State
  • The state will fall under the�direct control of the Union government
  • Article 356 is inspired bysections 93 of the Government of India Act, 1935,�which provided that if a Governor of a province was satisfied that a situation had arisen in which the government of the province cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the said Act, he could assume to himself all or any of the powers of the government and discharge those functions in his discretion
  • It requires the�sanction of both the houses of Parliament. If approved, it can go on for a�period of six months
  • The imposition�cannot be extended for more than three years

�Conditions when President�s Rule is imposed on a state:

  • State Legislature is unable to elect a leader as Chief Minister
  • If the ruling party or coalition does not have numbers to prove majority in the Assembly
  • If the breakdown of law and order situation takes place in the state
  • Loss of majority in the state assembly
  • If elections are postponed due to inevitable reasons

Article 356 gave wide powers to the central government to assert its authority over a state if civil unrest occurs, and the state government does not have the means to end it.


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