One Nation One Election is the need of the hour. Critically analyze.

One Nation, One Election is the method of holding single elections for both Lok Sabha and States instead of separate and continuous elections.
Need of One Nation One Election:

  • India being one of the largest elected democracies in the world
  • Every year one or the other state is geared up for an election in India

Harmful effects of Separate elections: The separate elections lead to

  • Massive expenditure
  • Diversion of security and civil staff from primary duties
  • Impact on governance due to the model code of conduct
  • Disruption to normal public life

�Negative impacts of One Election:

  • Many amendments to the constitution of India are required
  • The deployment of security forces located in widely varying geographic and climatic conditions at the same time will also be extremely difficult
  • It requires arbitrarily curtailing or extending the term of existing legislatures to bring their election dates in line with the due date for the rest of the country

One Nation One Election is a good idea for but its feasibility needs to be thoroughly examined by focusing all the stakeholders involved.


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