Elucidate meteorological factors that influence urban outdoor air pollution? Throw light on some of the technological and non-technological solution to urban outdoor pollution.

The meteorological factors that influence the urban outdoor pollution are: daily level of precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity, air temperature, and air pollutants (ozone, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter PM10, and nitrogen dioxide).
Technological solutions to urban outdoor pollution

  • Do away with diesel fuel and switch to alternative fuels like biodiesel, ethanol and CNG 
  • Electrification of public vehicles
  • Use of Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
  • Switch to higher emission norms (For example, Bharat Stage VI (BS VI) from Bharat Stage IV (BS IV))
  • Use of new modes of public transport such as Metrinos and Pod Taxis, Hyperloop, Monorail, Hybrid Buses, Straddled Bus, and metros

Non-technological solutions to urban outdoor pollution

  • Urban planning
  • Reduce driving and increase cycling & walking
  • Integrate cycling into the national school curriculum
  • Adopting carpooling system
  • Voluntary reductionor restriction on use of private vehicle 
  • Promote use of public transport (155 words)


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