Elaborate the Charyapadas tradition and Mangal-Kāvya tradition in Indian vernacular literature.

Charyapada is considered to be the earliest extant work in the field of Bengali, Assamese, Odiya as well as the Maithili Language. It’s a collection of Buddhist mystical poems or songs belonging to 8th–12th century.
These songs have the element of the ritual gathering of practitioners in a tantric feast. The Charyapadas were written by the Mahasiddhas or Siddhacharyas.
In the 15th century, adaptations from various events of Ramayana became popular in the Bengali Literature. This led to development of the Mangal-Kāvya tradition. Mangal-Kāvya literature was written to popularise the worship of deities such as Manasa and Chandi. This genre of Bengali literature includes the majority of works of the medieval Bengali literature.


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