Make a case for bringing Healthcare services in India under the aegis of Consumer Protection Law.

The Right to Health is seen as an inherent law under the Right to Life which finds place in the Indian Constitution under Article 21. Supreme Court of India has stated that this law should be regarded in conformance with the International Law. It was stated in another judgement that the failure to provide timely medical help to patients was a gross violation of Right to Life.
The obligation of State to maintain health services also stands reinforced. However, despite this fact, many people find it hard to get proper redressal against any medical negligence. This necessitates the need to bring healthcare under the Consumer Protection Act. Any kind of delayed medical care puts life in danger wherein the hospital and other staff are held to account. Patients who pay for medical services should come under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act. Any wrong medical conduct or deliberate negligence should be brought to task.
Thus the government should fix the medical healthcare system of the country on a priority basis and make drinking water, sanitation and nutrition available to the public.



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