145 Model Questions on GS-II: Social Sector Services Education Human Resources for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. What are the highlights of the recent UGC guidelines for PhD? What are the concerns associated with the change?
  2. What are the shortcomings of higher education in India? Suggest some solutions.
  3. With reference to the recent release of MBBS textbooks in Hindi, what are the advantages and challenges in switching the medium of instruction in such courses?
  4. Critically examine Andhra Pradesh’s initiative to use facial recognition technology for curbing absenteeism in schools as a measure to improve quality of education.
  5. India’s march on the path of development will remain incomplete until it reaps its demographic dividend with skills and education. In this context, discuss the significance of the RISE and EQUIP schemes.
  6. Increasing the scope of skilling is imperative for changing economic and demographic structure in India. Assess the success of skill India mission till now.