Critically discuss Dr. Ambedkar’s rationale behind his ideal of “Annihilation of caste”.

Dr. Ambedkar was highly critical of the caste system which was prevalent in India. Therefore, he was of the opinion that the entire caste system be eradicated.
He had valid reasons for his opinion:
Firstly, according to him the root cause of untouchability in India is the caste system.
Secondly, the social reformers and saints of high caste only sympathized towards untouchables but they did not do any concrete action to improve their position in society.
Thirdly, he urged for self-improvement by leaving derogatory practices and rather concentrating on education and self-respect.
Fourthly, he was the staunch supporter of empowerment of depressed classes by demanding their due representation in political institutions.
Therefore, according to Dr. Ambedkar, a total reformation of the Indian society could be got abut only destroying the very fabric of caste institution was deeply engraved in our society. (141 words)


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