“Both Gandhi and Ambedkar strove for the improvement of the cause of depressed classes. However, both had fundamental differences on different political and social issues.” Elucidate.

Both were great social reformers and political leaders and had a wide vision for the betterment of the depressed classes. However, both differed on political and social issues.
Firstly, Gandhi perceived depressed classes to be an integral part of Hindu society, whereas Ambedkar was in favour of annihilation of caste system.
 Secondly, Ambedkar held a very poor view of Hinduism whereas Gandhiji appreciated the Hindu Dharma.
Thirdly, Gandhi believed in peaceful political struggles like non-cooperation and civil disobedience but Ambedkar had deep faith in the constitutional means of change and improvement.
Fourthly, Ambedkar believed that the movement for the betterment of the depressed classes cannot be launched by high castes. It should be led by depressed classes only. Gandhi believed that such movement may be launched by any person.
Fifthly, Gandhi’s vision for future India was more broad-based which would accommodate all castes and communities, whereas Ambedkar was confined to improvement and empowerment of depressed classes.
Sixthly, they differed on Gram Swarajya. Gandhiji gave importance to village autonomy and self-sufficiency, Ambedkar was highly critical of the village as a unit of local administration.


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