TRIFED-Ayush Ministry Collaborate to Uplift Tribal Artisans

In a remarkable collaboration with the Ministry of Ayush, the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED) has taken an initiative to uplift tribal artisans and promote India’s rich cultural heritage. Through the provision of 34,000 yoga mats ahead of International Yoga Day, TRIFED aims to empower marginalized communities while celebrating the exceptional craftsmanship of the Santhal community.  

Collaborating for a Cultural Cause 

TRIFED, the organization partnering with the Ministry of Ayush, is working towards the upliftment of tribal artisans and promoting their unique artistic traditions. Through this collaboration, TRIFED demonstrates the government’s dedication to empowering tribal communities and preserving India’s diverse cultural heritage. By providing yoga mats exclusively sourced from tribal artisans, TRIFED not only enhances their economic prospects but also safeguards and celebrates their artistic legacy. 

Highlighting the Santhal Community’s Craftsmanship 

  • TRIFED’s collaboration with the Ministry of Ayush focuses on highlighting the craftsmanship of the Santhal community. 
  • The Santhal artisans possess exceptional skills in Madurkathi, the traditional weaving heritage of Medinipur.  
  • This intricate art form intricately intertwines cotton yarn and Madurkathi to create exquisite mats that encapsulate the cultural legacy of West Bengal.  

Odisha’s Sabai Grass Yoga Mats 

  • The state of Odisha is renowned for its Sabai Grass Yoga Mats, symbolizing the deep bond between the Tribals of Mayurbhanj and the lush surrounding landscapes.  
  • Crafted with natural materials, these mats showcase the rich artistic traditions passed down through generations.  
  • Sabai grass, harvested, sorted, and treated to enhance its pliability, is skillfully woven by artisans using twining techniques.  
  • The blend of cotton and Sabai grass offers exceptional absorbency and comfort, making these mats indispensable for yoga enthusiasts. 

Preserving Cultural Heritage 

TRIFED’s collaboration with the Ministry of Ayush goes beyond economic support and empowers tribal artisans. By promoting tribal artistry through the supply of yoga mats, the government reinforces its commitment to preserving and recognizing India’s diverse cultural heritage. These efforts foster a sense of pride in the rich traditions of marginalized communities while connecting yoga enthusiasts with the vibrant tapestry of tribal cultural heritage. 



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