ASEAN Countries Conference on Traditional Medicines

The upcoming Conference on Traditional Medicines for ASEAN Countries is set to be a significant event fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange between India and ASEAN nations. The conference aims to bring together international delegates and promote collaboration in the field of traditional medicines.  

Ministry of Ayush Takes the Lead 

The Conference on Traditional Medicines for ASEAN Countries is being hosted by the Ministry of Ayush, emphasizing India’s commitment to promoting traditional healing practices. Ayush, an independent ministry, has been at the forefront of elevating the Ayush sector and establishing international collaborations. 

Scheduled Date and Location 

The conference will take place on July 20, 2023. The venue for this significant event is Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, a location that holds symbolic importance as the capital of India. 

Expected Physical Participants 

A total of 75 participants are expected to attend the conference physically. These delegates will include representatives from eight ASEAN countries. By gathering professionals and experts from diverse backgrounds, the conference aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices in traditional medicine. 

Indian Mission to ASEAN 

The Indian Mission to ASEAN is actively supporting the conference, further emphasizing the government’s focus on bilateral partnerships and regional cooperation. By engaging with ASEAN nations, India aims to create a platform for sharing knowledge and enhancing collaboration in traditional medicine. 

Act East Policy 

During the 12th ASEAN India Summit in Myanmar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi enunciated the “Act East Policy.” This policy initiative aims to strengthen India’s strategic partnership with ASEAN nations, emphasizing the shared cultural, historical, and civilizational links between them. The Conference on Traditional Medicines aligns with this policy by fostering cooperation and mutual growth. 



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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    July 15, 2023 at 3:36 pm

    Traditional Medicines added life to the life span of our ancestors.


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