NCERT survey report: Over 27% students don’t have access to gadgets for online classes

A survey conducted by NCERT shows at least 27% of the students do not have access to smart devices to attend online classes.

Key findings of the report

The survey was conducted over 34,000 participants, including students, parents, teaching staff, and school principals of renowned schools.

Some percentage of students and parents opined that lack of electricity is a major obstacle in the digital teaching-learning process.

Some of them found a lack of knowledge of using devices as responsible for the problem.

Preference for physical textbooks over ebooks has been noticed.

What is the step taken by the Education ministry?

Considering the report, the Education Ministry has prepared “Learning Enhancement Guidelines” for students. It is going to help the students based on the availability of devices. Students with no smart devices would be able to attend classes by using radio, television as alternative methods.


The National Council of Educational Research and Training is an autonomous organization that was organized in 1961 with an objective of design and support for a common national education system to encourage cultural diversity across the country.




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