September 27: World Tourism Day

The United Nations World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27. The day aims at creating awareness on social, political, cultural and economic values among international community.


The UNWTO – United Nations World Tour Organization has been celebrating World Tourism Day since 1980. The day was chosen because on this day, the UNWTO Statues were adopted.

Why is the chosen date appropriate?

UNWTO believes that the date is appropriate as it comes at the end of high tourist season in the northern hemisphere. In southern hemisphere it is the start of tourist season.

Tourism is at its peak during this season all over the world mainly because Earth is at Autumnal Equinox Position. It completes its Summer Solstice journey during this period. This makes the weather perfect for a tour in most of the regions on the earth.

How is the day celebrated?

UNWTO invites people world wide to participate in the celebrations. Usually a host country is chosen. Different competitions, tourism awards, presentations, photo competitions are organized.

THEME 2019: “Tourism and Jobs – A better future for all”

Tourism and jobs

The focus of UNWTO in 2019 is on education, skills and jobs. According to UNWTO, Tourism generates 10% of world jobs. Creating equitable employment is important to achieve social inclusion, peace and security.

According to ILO – International Labor Organization, more than 190 million are unemployed. Therefore, it is essential for every sector to create jobs. This can be achieved at faster rate by embracing new technology.

UNWTO’s take on jobs in Tourism

UNWTO believes that as tourism is labor intensive, it is a major source of employment. According to its data, one job in tourism sector creates one and a half additional jobs. This accounts to one in 10 jobs worldwide.

As accommodation and restaurants create jobs at the fastest rate among all sectors, developing tourism can aid in faster growth of the economy.

Tourism and SDG

Tourism is a major contributor of SDG – Sustainable Development Goals – 8, 12 and 14. They are as follows

  • SDG 8 – Decent work and Economic
  • SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production
  • SDG 14 – Life below water

By 2030, the target is to devise and implement policies that promote tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture.

Tourism at G20

The G20 leaders recently at the 2019 Summit valued tourism as a major contributor to global economic growth and sustainable development. Agreements were signed to maximize tourism among the G20 countries.


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