Report: WhatsApp is India’s most accessible app for PWDs

The Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy is a think tank that does legal research. The organization recently released a report on the popularity of software applications in India. The title of the report is “Making the Digital Ecosystem Disabled Friendly”. The organization has found that WhatsApp is the most accessible app for disabled persons.

About the report

The organization evaluated applications in different categories such as e-commerce, online payments, transport, food delivery, etc. The report was generated based on the web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

What is WCAG?

The WCAG was created by Web Accessibility Initiative. It was launched by W3C, World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C is the main key to WWW (World Wide Web). The headquarters of the org is in the USA. The main objective of W3C is to create web standards.

Other apps audited

The think tank also audited other apps such as OLA, UBER, TELEGRAM, FLIPKART, AMAZON, ZOMATO, SWIGGY, PAYTM, PHONE PE, etc.

After auditing, the apps were categorized as “highly accessible”, “moderately accessible”, and “less accessible”. WhatsApp was highly accessible.



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