Quiz 503: Current Affairs : March 6, 2011

1.Essam Sharaf has been appointed as Prime Minister of which among the following countries on March 3, 2011?

2.How much amount has been earmarked in the Union Budget 2011-12 to enable Regional Rural Banks to maintain a CRAR of at least 9 per cent as on March 31, 2012?
(A)Rs. 500 Crore
(B)Rs. 600 Crore
(C)Rs. 800 Crore
(D)Rs. 1000 Crore

3.Which among the following is the correct objective of the “National Mission for Protein Supplements”?
(A)Promotion of animal based protein production through livestock development, dairy farming, piggery, goat rearing and fisheries
(B)Promotion of plant based protein production through cultivation of Soyabean and other protein rich crops
(C)Both of them
(D)None of them

4.The government of India has fixed which among the following target for farmer credits in the year 2011-12?
(A)Rs. 4,00,000 Crore
(B)Rs. 4,50,000 Crore
(C)Rs. 4,75, 000 Crore
(D)Rs. 5,00,000 Crore

5.With which of the following countries, India had signed its first Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) ?
(C)Virgin Islands

6.What fraction of the Total plan allocation has been made in the Union Budget 2010-11 for social sector?

7.On which of the following ‘clean energy cess’ is levied in India?
(B)Domestically produced Coal
(C)Imported Coal
(D)Both 2 & 3

8.To combat which among the following problems, the government has announced the Integrated Action Plan (IAP) recently?
(D)Natural disasters

9.What fraction of the GDP has been kept as Fiscal Deficit for 2011-12 in the recently announced budget?

10.Which among the following is the capital of Southern Sudan?

11.With which among the following sports, Ian Thorpe is related to?

12.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)Kobe Bryant – Basketball
(B)Andres Iniesta – Tennis
(C)Manny Pacquiao – Boxing
(D)Sebastian Vettel – Formula One

13.Which among the following Government has recently signed an agreement called “Project Merlin” with 4 major banks of the country?

14.Which among the following country is the host of first International Choir Festival coming up soon?

15.Which among the following film was recently making news for winning 7 BAFTA Awards?
(A)The Social Network
(B)The King’s Speech
(C)Black Swan

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