Quiz 503: General Awareness Questions

Consider the following statements: 
  1. The members of the Election Commission in India are appointed by the Parliament 
  2. Members of the Election Commission have equal status to that of Chief Election Commissioner, but Chief Election Commissioner has overriding powers. 
  3. Chief Election Commissioner can be removed from his office by the President of India. 
Which among the above statements is / are correct? 
Consider the following: 
  1. Members of Foreign Services posted abroad
  2. Members of Armed Forces
  3. Civil Servants on Election Duty
  4. Indian Nationals settled abroad
Which among the above are entitled to exercise their vote through Postal Ballot? 
From which of the following financial years, Seed Crop Insurance began in India?
National Seed Research and Training Centre“ is located at?
After Wells and Tube wells, which among the following is the largest source of Irrigation in India?
The calculations of “Cultural command area ” are used in which among the following?
The National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) has been constituted to give focused attention to the problems of rainfed areas of the country. The NRAA is a / an ________?
With which of the following countries, India had signed its first Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) ?
On which of the following ‘clean energy cess’ is levied in India?
With which among the following sports, Ian Thorpe is related to?


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