Quiz 499 : Current Affairs & GK for All Examinations

1.Which among the following writs is issued against wrongful detention?
(B)Habeas Corpus
(D)Quo Warranto

2.Who among the following is the new Finance Secretary of India?
(A)Ashok Chawla
(B)Sushma Nath
(C)Nirupama Rao
(D)None of them

3.The Third proclamation of emergency under Article 352 was made by President of India on which among the following grounds ?
(A)External Aggression
(B)Internal Disturbance
(C)Financial Instability
(D)Political Instability

4.Consider the following:
1. Deposit rates,
2. Base Rate
3. Prime Lending Rate
Which among the above are decided by Reserve Bank of India?
(A)1 & 2
(B)2 only
(C)3 only
(D)none of them

5.Which among the following companies was recently awarded most respected company in the power sector for the year 2011 by the Business World?
(A)Tata Power
(B)National Thermal Power Corporation
(C)National Hydroelectric Power Corporation
(D)Powergrid corporation of India

6.Which among the following founding member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was not a member of its predecessor Shanghai-5?
(A) Uzbekistan

7.Travelers from how many countries are at present provided visa-on-arrival facility in India?

8. ONV Kurup is the Eminent litterateur and Jnanpith award winner of which among the following languages?

9.Among state, which is the leading Gold medal winner state in the 34th National Games ?

10.With which among the following countries, Egypt formed a state called the United Arab Republic in the late 1950s?

11.In which of the following state is located Rumtek Monastery ?
(A)Arunachal Pradesh
(B)Himachal Pradesh
(C)Jammu and Kashmir

12.Which among the following is the correct set of G4 nations?
(A)India, Brazil, Russia, China
(B)India, Brazil, China, Japan
(C)India, Brazil, Russia, Germany
(D)India, Brazil, Germany, Japan

13.Recently, Nishant which is India’s indigenous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) completed the series of confirmatory trials carried out by the army at the Chandan ranges. In which state are located the Chandan Ranges ?
(A)Madhya Pradesh

14.”Hunar se Rozgar” is an scheme of which of the following ministries of Government of India?
(A)Ministry of Rural Development
(B)Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
(C)Ministry of Tourism
(D)Ministry of Urban Development

15.Which among the following country is also known as the “Pearl of Africa“?

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