Public Affairs Index

Public Affairs Centre (PAC), Bengaluru had come up with a Public Affairs Index (PAI) to rank governance inter-state by using data available in the public domain in key areas of governance. Public Affairs Centre (PAC) is a not for profit think tank, established in 1994 with a mandate to improve the quality of governance in India.

  • The survey has been based on 10 themes, 26 focus subjects and 82 indicators
  • Kerala and Tamil Nadu have secured first and second rankings, followed by Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra in governance indicators.
  • In the category of fiscal management, Telangana has been adjudged as the best performer while Andhra Pradesh has been labelled as the poor performer.
  • In implementation of social protection policies, Kerala, Assam and Madhya Pradesh are the best performers.

In maintaining law and order, delivery of justice and environment categories, Tamil Nadu has been adjudged as the best performer.

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