Panel on energy efficiency, low carbon tech

According to Power and Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh, a committee will be set up comprising of members from all relevant Ministries to implement Roadmap on Energy Efficiency and low carbon technologies.


  • This was highlighted during a high-level meeting of reviewing progress of several energy efficiency programmes and preparedness for Climate Change Actions in India.
  • Activities in the field of energy efficiency across all sectors of economy was discussed with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions.
  • It was directed to focus on sectors having highest emissions intensity like Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Transport and Power plants.
  • Activities defined under Mission document ROSHANEE was also discussed. Mission document ROSANEE has been developed to implement several Energy Conservation schemes across India.


This mission has been developed by Bureau of Energy Efficiency along with Mission UNNATEE. Both the missions lay down Sector wise action plan for period 2021-2030. Mission ROSHANEE envisages several activities in the field of energy efficiency across different sectors of economy. It aims to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 550 million tonnes by 2030.


UNNATEE is a working document comprising of short term and long-term action plans to lower energy intensity.


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