Pakistan successfully test-fires anti-ship Zarb missile

Pakistan has test fired anti-ship surface to sea “Zarb” missile from the coastal areas successfully.
It hit its target in the Arabian Sea after it was fired from a strategic point located at a coastal area. The missile was formally inducted into Pakistan Navy‘s defence system soon after the test.
Key facts

  • Zarb means hit in Urdu language.
  • It is the Chinese C-602.Missile which is export version of the YJ-62.
  • The C-602 is claimed to have a range of 280 kms and weighs around 300 kg.
  • It has semi-armour-piercing warhead and GPS guidance.

The missile’s successful test is considered as an addition into Pakistani Navy’s strategic power and demonstrated its combat capabilities, combat preparedness and an important step towards further strengthen its seaward defence.


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