Mission Jeewan Raksha

According to an officer of Indian Railways, Under the “Mission Jeewan Raksha”, RPF personnel have saved 1650 lives from the wheels of running trains at railway stations in last four years.

Key facts

  • Out of this, around 350 lives were saved CR and WR.
  • RPF personnel saved 601 persons, without caring for their own safety, going far beyond their call of duty in the year 2021.
  • Out of these persons, 20 percent (117 persons) were saved by WR & CR RPF, while 83 were saved by CR and 34 by WR.
  • Furthermore, RPF personnel returned 123777 left behind luggage to the rightful owners, with value of Rs 23 crores. Out of this, 1973 luggage with value of Rs 4.23 crores were returned by CR and WR RPF personnel.
  • RPF has also played important role in reuniting lost or separated children with their family.
  • They also rescued more than 11,900 Children, who were in need of care and protection. Out of these students, 734 were rescued by WR and 976 by RFF.

Jeewan Raksha Medals

The President of India have awarded the RPF personnel with 9 Jeewan Raksha medals and one Gallantry Medals, to recognise their efforts in saving people’s lives in last 4 years.

Child Help Desks

Currently, 132 Child Help Desks are functional across India. RPF works with nominated NGO to rescue of children through these help desks. More than two dozen of desks functional under the CR and WRs jurisdictions.

Railway Protection Force (RPF)

RPF security force was established by Railway Protection Force Act, 1957. It was established for better protection and security of railway property. The force has been given the power to search, investigate, arrest, and prosecute offenses committed in accordance with the Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act 1966. RPF works under the authority of Ministry of Railways.



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