Operation AAHT

The Railway Protection Force, RPF has launched Operation AAHT to curb human trafficking. It will mainly focus on trains that are originating from border countries. The operation is held under Ministry of Railways. (RPF acts under railways ministry).

About Operation AAHT

Under the operation, RPF will deploy special forces in long distance trains. The operation will mainly focus on rescuing women and children from the traffickers. The operation is to be implemented in every train operated by the Indian Railways. The Indian Railways operates 21,000 trains in all. According to RPF, railways is the most reliable mode of transportation for the traffickers.

How will the operation be conducted?

Under the operation, the RPF will collect, collate and analyse clues. The information of routes, victims, sources, destination, popular trains are to be collected. The RPF will utilise its full intelligence in the operation. The details collected will be shared with the other law enforcing agencies. The RPF will assist the local police and will act as a bridge in inter –state operations. The operation will look for digital footprints of human trafficking. Cyber cells are to be created. More focus are to be given to trains originating from Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh.


Between 2017 and 2021, the RPF rescued two thousand women from the clutches of the traffickers. According to National Crime Records Bureau, every year 2,200 new trafficking cases are filed. In 2011, the GoI ratified the UNTOC. UNTOC is United Nations Conventions against Transnational Organised Crime. The UNTOC protocol includes prevention, suppression and punishing human trafficking.

Need for the operation

Women and children are the major victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and forced marriages. Also, human trafficking occurs for organ transplant, drug servitude, etc. The trafficked people are treated like slaves. They are also trafficked for working in circus, begging, illegal adoptions, entertainment industry, etc.

Way forward

The rescued victims will be rehabilitated.



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