Inauguration of ‘Kartavya Path’

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the road ‘Kartavya Path’ between Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate. Rajpath is the route where the 26 January parade takes place.

Key Points

  • From Rajpath to Kartavya Path, a 15.5 km long walkway has been made of red granite on both sides of this road. Also 16 bridges have been built in the canal area of ​​19 acres.
  • There will be a seating arrangement on both sides of this duty path spread over 3.90 lakh square meters. This will also be completed with a completely green area.
  • It is a living path of India’s democratic past and all-time ideals. When the people of the country come here, Netaji’s statue, National War Memorial, all these will give them a great inspiration, will inculcate a sense of duty in them.
  • The renaming of Rajpath is said to be in line with PM Modi’s Independence Day commitment to “remove traces of colonial mindset”.
  • According to the government, it marks a shift from territory to duty, public ownership and empowerment as a symbol of power.


The Rajpath witnessed the dawn of India’s independence, and hosts the annual Republic Day celebrations. This ceremonial boulevard running from Raisina Hill Complex to India Gate was first known as Kingsway, a landmark in the city of ‘New’ Delhi, built after the British Raj shifted its capital from Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1911. Then after independence its name was changed to ‘Rajpath’. And now its name will be ‘Kartavya Path’.



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