Iran strikes two Iraqi bases hosting US troops

More than a dozen missiles were launched by Iran at Ain al-Asad military base of Iraq and also targeted the Erbil facility on early hours of Wednesday, January 08, 2020, both locations in Iraq have been hosting the United States and its Coalition Forces. This is the first reported retaliation from Iran in response to the US assassination of Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani at Iraq capital, Baghdad last Friday. As the assessment is underway for the impact of the strikes, a US official from the pentagon has reported the media that there were no initial reports of any US casualties, but as per Iraqi security source, there are casualties at the al-Asad airbase.

The US President, Donald Trump is expected to address the media on Wednesday morning (US timing) as the current tensions between US and Iran have now turned out to be the biggest test of his presidency tenure ahead of the US Presidential elections later this year. At present, as a part of an international coalition against the IS terror group, 5,000 US soldiers are currently deployed in Iraq.


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