Indian Scientists Discover model to predict Ionospheric Electron Density

The Indian Institute of Geomagnetism researchers have developed a model that will predict electronic density of ionosphere. This is highly important for the communication and navigation on the earth.


The researchers developed an Artificial Neural Networks based Global Ionospheric Model (ANNIM) to predict ionospheric electron density. The model was developed by using data collected for more than 20 years.

Artificial Neural Network

The ANNs mimic the process of human brain. They help in clustering, recognition, generalization, classification and non linear data fitting. It captures morphological features of ionosphere. This is highly helpful to study changes in the ionosphere due to disturbed weather periods that has been on the rise lately. It also helps to learn about geomagnetic storms that occur due to the magnetic clouds that originate from the sun.

Magnetic Storm

The Magnetic storms are rapid change in huge magnetic fields. They can last from hours to days. A magnetic storm on the earth’s magnetosphere is caused by solar winds.


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