GK & Current Affairs: June 3, 2014

1. The corporate headquarter of which among the following organizations is known as “One Earth”?
[A]Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd
[B]Tata Consultancy Services
[C]Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy
Corporate headquarter of Suzlon Group is named “One Earth”. It is located in Pune, and is completely powered by renewable energy. One Earth has recently got LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Platinum certificate. The One Earth campus covers 41,000 sq mt (10.13 acres) and can accommodate up to 2,300 people.
Note: Suzlon is world’s third-largest and India’s largest wind turbine manufacturer.

2. According to the latest available data as of June 2014, what was India’s economic growth in 2013-14?

India’s economic growth remained at 4.7 per cent in 2013-14.

3. Who among the following is the current (June 2014) Prime Minister of Bhutan?
[A]Jigme Thinley
[B]Kinzang Dorji
[C]Yeshey Zimba
[D]Tshering Tobgay

Tshering Tobgay
Recently, Bhutan PM Tshering Tobgay had attended swearing-in ceremony of India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Bhutan is India’s all weather friend and also first country for Modi’s official foreign trip.

4. A governor in state of India is appointed for a period not exceeding __?
[A]Three Years
[B]Four Years
[C]Five Years
[D]Six Years

Five Years
Article 156(1) provides that “the governor shall hold office during the pleasure of the President” and that he would hold office for five years if he continued to enjoy the confidence of the President.

5. The El Nino effect is known to cause floods in __?
[C]North America
[D]Latin America

Latin America
El Ninos are marked by higher-than-normal sea-surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific and their effects can ripple globally – from putting India and Australia at a higher risk of drought, while touching off floods in Latin America.

6. Which among the following countries will become the 19th member of the eurozone as it is set to adopt the euro on 1 January 2015?

Lithuania will become the 19th member of the eurozone out of 28 countries in the European Union, and the last of the Baltic States to join eurozone.

7. According to the Environmental Performance Index, which is the world’s largest greenest country?

Switzerland is the world’s largest greenest country. After Switzerland in top place comes Luxembourg, Australia, Singapore and the Czech Republic.

8. Alexander Shulgin, who passed away recently, was popularly known as _____?
[A]Godfather of ecstasy
[B]Father of Physiology
[C]Father of psychoactive drugs
[D]Godfather of Medicine

Godfather of ecstasy
Alexander Shulgin was an American medicinal chemist, biochemist, pharmacologist and author. He earned the nickname “godfather of ecstasy” for his pioneering work with the drug. Shulgin was credited with creating some 200 other psychoactive compounds.

9. The Tiananmen Square massacre was a student-led popular demonstration took place in?

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, commonly known as the June Fourth incident was a student-led popular demonstration in Beijing.

10. Which among the following correctly represents the Baltic countries?
[A]Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark
[B]Lithuania, Latvia and Finland
[C]Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
[D]Latvia, Denmark and Finland

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
The Baltic countries are north eastern region of Europe containing the countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on the eastern shores of Baltic Sea.

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