Deportation of Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has not taken the COVID vaccine. Therefore, the Australian Government considers the Serbian player as a threat to the country. This is why the top ranked tennis player was deported from Australia.

What happened?

Australian Open is one of the four important tournaments of the Grand Slam. It was to start on January 17, 2022. And Novak was to play on Day 1. Unfortunately a day before the game, the Australian court deported Novak for not taking COVID vaccine. The 34 – year old player is one of the most high – profile COVID vaccine sceptics in the world. Sceptics are persons who are doubtful about a thing or situation.

Why did Australian Government deport Novak?

According to Australian Government, Novak has huge fan followers. On one side, he poses threat to the country as he is not vaccinated. On the other hand, his attitude towards vaccine will foster anti – vaccination sentiment among his huge fans not only in Australia but also in the other parts of the world.

How did Novak enter Australian soil despite strict regulations?

The Australian Government allows only vaccinated people to enter into the country. Novak is from Serbia. He entered Australia by seeking medical exemption from Victorian state. Later, he was detained for not taking vaccine. The visa of the unvaccinated player was cancelled on health and good order grounds.

How will this affect Novak?

Australia Open is one of the most important Grand slam tournaments. The other three Grand Slam tournaments are US Open, French Open, and Wimbledon.  Not everyone can participate in these tournaments. It is conducted among the top rank holders in the world. The ranks are assigned based on the winning ratio of these players. If a player wins more number of Grand Slam matches, his rank moves up. Right now Novak is in the top most position. Not playing the Australian Open will affect his ranking.



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