Yudh-Abhyas: Indo-US joint military exercise

The 16th edition of Indo-US joint military exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas’ will begin in Rajasthan from February 8 and it will be concluded in February 21, 2021.

About Yudh Abbhyas 2021

  • The exercise will be held near the India-Pakistan border.
  • It will be held with the aim of enhancing the cooperation and interoperability between the armies of India and USA.
  • The exercise will also focus on the counter-terrorism operation in accordance with the mandate of United Nations.
  • The drill between India and USA will be held in the backdrop of the five days drill between air forces of India and France in Rajasthan in January 2021.
  • The bilateral training exercise of the two armies will be held at the Foreign Training Node in the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges.

Who will represent the Armies?

  • Indian Army will be represented by the 11th Battalion of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles which is the part of the South Western Command.
  • US Army will be represented by the troops of 2nd battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment. These troops belong to the 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Respective brigade headquarters will also represent the army along with the troops.

Yudh Abhyas

Yudh Abhyas between two armies is held since 2004. The exercise has been designed to promote the cooperation between both the armies. Both the sides share their training techniques, their culture and build the joint operating skills.

Significance of the exercise

The Yudh Abhyas between the Indian and the US army in significant with respect to the security challenges, like terrorism, faced by both the nations of global terrorism. This exercise will be held with the objective of enhancing the level of defence cooperation between both armies. This in turn will also boost the bilateral relations of both the nations. The exercise also signifies the key role that India plays into the Indo-Pacific region. The exercise is also significant with respect to the recent development on the northern border with China.




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