PM Modi’s UN Speech

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is known for his speech truly enthralled the world. The PM opened his speech with a tribute to the ancient civilisations of India from which basic philosophy of India of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, or world family, draws strength. He lived up to all standards of internationalism even though sticking to his famed one-liners interspersed in the text. The storied hall of UN General Assembly was only half full, but his speech made a mark as he touched all stones of his foreign policy laying much awaited emphasis on his approach towards his neighbours and the world at large. He also made a befitting case calling upon all the world leaders to “fulfil promise to reform the U.N. Security Council by 2015”. His address which was majorly in Hindi was interspersed with English one-liners.
He reiterated the need for world powers to come together on the 70th anniversary of the U.N. to tackle global concerns including climate change, maritime security, threats in cyberspace and the untapped potential of space exploration.
Another notable portion of the speech was his special mention to the Indian neighbourhood and his government’s initiative to maintain fair and cordial relations with all. He gave a strong worded message to Pakistan of readiness of his government to deal with the issue of Kashmir in a bilateral manner without the shadow of terrorism. He condemned the terminology of good and bad terrorism and said some countries are still making use of the latter as a state policy. This statement was notable in a way as it was missing from the English version of his text.
A sizeable portion of the speech was devoted to the growing menace of extremism which is taking form in different shades and sizes in many pockets of the world. He urged the civilized world to stand together on such issues.
He also gave considerable time to call for an International Yoga Day as he said that yoga had the potential to bring one closer to one’s inner self, the world and nature at large.