NSO Time Use Survey in India: Key Facts

The National Statistical Office operating under Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation conducted the Time Use Survey in India for the first time between January and December, 2019.

Key Highlights

The main objective of the survey is to measure participation of women and men in unpaid and paid activities. The survey also provides information on time spent on volunteer work, caregiving activities, unpaid domestic works. Also, it provides information on socializing, learning, leisure activities and self-care activities.

Key Findings of the Survey

  • An India- women spends 19.5% of her time in unpaid care giving services or unpaid domestic work. This is over four hours a day on an average. On the other hand, an Indian man spends 25 minutes a day in these activities. Thus, women spends 10 times more on these activities as compared men
  • Indian women of age 60 years and above see a sharp fall in their domestic work burden. On the other hand, men of this age devote greater time towards domestic work

The survey has found an inverse relationship between amount of time spent by women on household chores and age.

Other Findings

  • Around 2% of Indians of age six years and above were engaged in employment related activities in 2019
  • Around 57.3% of males and 18.4% of females were engaged in employment related activities.
  • The proportion of males engaged in gainful employment related activities is higher in cities as compared to rural areas. In cities, the employment related activities was 59.8% and in rural areas 56.1%
  • 2% of the participants of the survey were engaged in unpaid domestic services for their house members. Of this, the proportion of females were higher than that of men. Around 81.2% of females and 26.1% were males in the category.
  • Only 1% of people were engaged in production of goods for own use. Of this 14.3% were males and 20% were females.




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