NMHC to be developed as an international tourist destination

National Maritime Heritage Complex (NMHC) is to be developed as an international tourist destination. It will be dedicated to the legacy of maritime heritage of India, at Lothal in Gujarat.


  • It will comprise of several tourist facilities or amenities like National Maritime Heritage Museum, Maritime Research Institute, Heritage Theme Park, landscaping and recreational venues in order to attract tourists for each coastal states and union territories.
  • This destination will be used to showcase maritime heritage of India.
  • It will also be providing digital tourism including:
  1. Virtual reality to offer immersive experience of maritime heritage.
  2. Sound and light shows
  3. Touch screen kiosks and
  4. Short films on important events of Maritime history.

About NMHC

NMHC will be developed in Lothal region of Gujarat as an international tourist destination. It will showcase maritime heritage of India from ancient to modern times. It seeks to create an edutainment approach (meaning education with entertainment) for the interest of visitors. It will cover an area of 400 acres comprising of structures like Heritage Theme Park, National Maritime Heritage Museum, Maritime Institute, Lighthouse Museum, eco-resorts etc. It will also comprise of pavilions where all coastal states of India and union territories can showcase artifacts and maritime heritage. NMHC will recreate the ancient Lothal city, a prominent city and port of ancient Indus valley civilization.

About Lothal

Lothal was the southernmost cities of ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Its construction started in 2400 BCE. The city had world’s earliest known dock, that connected the city to the ancient course of Sabarmati River. The river lied on the trade route of Harappan cities in Sindh and peninsula of Saurashtra.




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