NITI Aayog: “Arogya Setu” – Fastest App to reach 50 million downloads

On April 15, 2020 NITI Aayog announced that Arogya Setu became the first mobile application in the world to reach more than 50 million downloads in short span of time.


The application was developed by a committee set up by Prime Minister Modi. The application was used for contact tracing.

Record set

The application reached 50 million downloads in just 19 days. With this, the mobile app has overtaken the record set by Nintendo’s popular “Pokemon GO” application on Google Play. 99% of downloads of Arogya Setu were made on Android platform.

Other similar initiatives

Singapore Government had launched similar application called Trace Together for contact tracing. Currently, Google and Apple are collaborating together to launch similar contact tracing initiatives.

Security features

The application secures the data collected from the person using it. The data is stored in the user device only for 30 days. And also the data on the non-risk users are deleted within 45 days.




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