ICC rejected Sachin Tendulkar’s proposal for changes to ODI format

Sachin Tendulkar had suggested to split the ODI match into two innings per team of 25 overs each. This is because, the emergence of T20 cricket as a global draw had cast the future of one-day cricket into doubt. ODIs were squeezed between the new format that provided thrills and excitement better than it could, nd Test cricket which did a better job of examining players’ skills and temperament. This would have been the perfect time to bring about the evolution of the ODI format.

But recently, the ICC had rejected these demands. The first reason is that the inherent unfairness of one team getting the better of the conditions to such an extent that it can decide the outcome of the match at times. Having both teams bat in similar conditions would have taken lights, dew and crumbling patches out of the equation, giving primacy to the players’ skills. And the second issue is the tedium that sets in during the middle phase of a conventional one-day innings. Breaking up the innings into shorter affairs would’ve favoured tactical aggression.



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