Global death toll due to Covid over 7 lakh -One person dies every 15 seconds.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has claimed lives of more than 7 lakh persons in the world and as per the current estimates, one death is being reported every 15 second due to the COVID 19 pandemic in the world. Also, the number of casualties has doubled from the May 26 levels of deaths reported due to the COVID 19 pandemic.


According to the World Health Organization data, in the seven months of COVID 19 outbreak in the world, the total number of cases now stands at 18.5 million. The United States is the most affected country due to the virus whereas Brazil and India are in the second and third positions respectively according to the number of affected persons due to the COVID 19.

Recent Data Trends

According to the report published by Reuters, around 5900 people die of COVID 19 every 24 hours and this comes to around 247 people per hour and one person every 15 seconds. Also, in the last 17 days, the death toll due to this deadly virus has increased by 1 lakh, the fastest such addition since the outbreak of this pandemic.

The Situation in the US, the Worst-Affected

The US has reported a total of 4.77 million cases of COVID 19, which is also the highest in the world whereas Brazil comes second with 2.80 million cases and 95000 deaths. Mexico has reported the third-highest death tally with around 48000 fatalities with 4.5 lakh total cases.

Indian Scenario

India has reported a total of around 19 lakhs cases till date and it is also the third-highest in the world. The death toll of the country stands at a little over than 39000 persons.




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