Civil war in Yemen

The nation of Yemen which is located on the lower South East Corner of Saudi Arabia has been embroiled in a massive civil war for over 5 years now.?

What has happened?

  • In what began as the ouster of a democratically elected President by a group of religious adherents and the supporters of the former President, the conflict has multiplied to include proxy backers like Iran and Russia while a Saudi-Arabia led coalition directly intervened in the conflict in favor of the ousted President.
  • The conflict has now attained sectarian designs as one faction mainly comprises of Shia Muslims while the opposing faction is of Sunni Muslims.?
  • The wanton bloodshed and the loss of human life have led the UN to categorize the disaster as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
  • Over a third of Yemen’s 28 million population are starving due to the conflict while every day the Saudi coalition is expending millions of dollars in bombing the remaining healthcare, education and transport infrastructure of Yemen to smithereens.
  • A 2017 UNICEF report has stated over half a million underage children in Yemen are on the verge of starvation,

What lies ahead?

With no signs of the war abating, Saudi Arabia led coalition is looking forward to exit from the crisis. The pullout is also motivated by the fact that a Saudi-backed militia group turned against the Saudis and now, a 3-way conflict has erupted in the nation.?

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