Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina wins GAVI’s ‘Vaccine Hero’ award

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has been conferred with prestigious ‘Vaccine Hero’ award of Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisations (GAVI) in recognition of Bangladesh’s outstanding success in vaccination to immunise children. She was conferred the award at a ceremony at United Nations Headquarters in New York on the sidelines of 74th session of UN General Assembly (UNGA).

Key Highlights

She was conferred with GAVI’s ‘Vaccine Hero’ award in recognition of country’s outstanding success in vaccination, and especially for her role in eliminating polio, cholera and various communicable diseases. She also hopes to reach the target of ‘vaccines for all’ in Bangladesh well ahead of 2030.

Earlier, Bangladesh has been honoured with GAVI Alliance Awards in 2009 and 2012 for its outstanding performance in improving child immunization status.

As of now, dedicated vaccine centres, and more than 18,000 community clinics and union health centres are providing vaccination services across Bangladesh.

About ‘Vaccine Hero’ award

The ‘Vaccine Hero’ award has been introduced by Geneva-based global vaccine alliance (GAVI).

It recognises global figures and leaders whose dedication to Vaccine Alliance’s mission has played a key role in helping GAVI and its partners to protect millions of children across all across the world.

The award is conferred on those who have set out a clear ambition and displayed urgency in providing life saving vaccines to children at the same time ensuring that no child is left out.

NOTE: The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) is an international organization that was created in 2000. It a global health partnership of public and private sector organizations with shared goal of- ‘immunisation for all’ and creating equal access to new and underused vaccines for children living in world’s poorest countries.




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