Crocidura narcondamica: New Shrew species found at A&N

A team from the Zoological Survey of India has discovered a new insect eating mammal species. The animal has been named Crocidura Norcondamica.

About Crocidura Norcondamica

It is almost the size of the house mouse. It lives in the forest floor and feed on insects. They help to control the insect population in the dense Narcondam forest.
It belongs to Shrews family. Shrews are not rodents.

Insect Eating Mammal

A new insect eating mammal species has been discovered in India after four years. The last insect eating mammal to be discovered in India was Jenkin’s Andaman shrew. It was discovered in 1978 on South Andaman Island.

The recently found Crocidura Norcondamica has been named after the Norcondam Island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was found in Norcondam Island.

Till date, around 422 mammal species have been reported in India.

Norcondam Island

It is a small volcanic island located in the northern Andaman sea. It is formed of Andesite. It is 124 kilo metres away from the main body of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island was classified as a dormant volcano by the Geological Survey of India.

Burma claimed the sovereignty of the island till 1986. It gave up the claim after reaching an agreement with India on delimitation of the maritime boundary. According to the agreement, the countries drew their maritime boundary in the Coco channel, Andaman sea and Bay of Bengal.

The Narcondam hornbill is endemic to the island and is endangered.

The Narcondam Wildlife Sanctuary has been listed on the tentative List of World Heritage sites of UNESCO. The island was notified as Wildlife sanctuary mainly to protect the hornbill.


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