BABUR III: Pakistan tests nuclear-capable, submarine-launched missile

Pakistan has successfully test-fired its indigenously designed and built nuclear-capable, submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM) Babur III. The missile was fired from underwater dynamic platform and successfully engaged its target with precise accuracy, meeting all the flight parameters.

Key Facts

Babur-III is the naval variant of the land-based Babur-II. The missile is capable of delivering various types of payloads including nuclear. It incorporates advanced technologies, including underwater controlled propulsion and sophisticated guidance and navigation features. The missile has strike range of 450 km.
This is only the second time that Pakistan has announced test of SLCM Babur-III missile, with first test being conducted in January 2017. Duringfirst test, Babur-III was launched from unidentified underwater mobile platform.
Babur-III missile provides Pakistan’s military credible second strike capability. Pakistan has been working hard with China’s help on developing this capability to carry out retaliatory nuclear strike even after enemy’s nuclear attack destroys or neutralises its land-based nuclear arsenal. India already has it.


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