Apthamitra: Helpline and application launched by Karnataka Government

The State Government of Karnataka has launched “Apthamitra” mobile application and helpline to fight COVID-19. The application was launched by the Chief Minister of the state B S Yediyurappa.


The application aims at providing medical guidance and advice on COVID-19. When a person has symptoms of COVID-19, he or she can call to the helpline number of “Apthamitra”.  They will be advised by a team of medical experts based on the symptoms.

About the Application

The application is to work for 12 hours in the day, that is, between 8 AM to 8 PM. The helpline Centres are to be located at 6 places, 4 in Bengaluru, 1 in Mysore and one in Mangalore.

Two Tier System

Apthamitra is a two-tier system. In the first tier the application is manned by AYUSH professionals, nurses or student volunteers. In the second tier, the app is managed by MBBS professionals, volunteer doctors and AYUSH doctors.


The application aims to reach people at low risks of COVID-19 and counsel them for self-quarantine. Also, it will help to follow up low risk cases till they are cured completely. It will also help to identify people in hotspot areas that have influenza like symptoms, COVID-19 symptoms or Severe Acute Respiratory Infection.


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