AICTE Creating Database to Promote Higher Education in Regional Languages: PM

All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has announced that it is creating a database of resources so that colleges can offer more programmes in the regional languages of the country. AICTE has also developed a tool to translate the engineering content into 11 languages of the country.


  • This step has been taken so as to promote regional languages in the field of technical education.
  • In eight states, 14 engineering colleges are going to start engineering studies in five Indian languages. They are Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi.
  • The benefit of teaching in the regional languages will open up access to higher education for the students who are from low-income, rural families. These students want and are capable of learning, but not being fluent in English hinders their learning process.

Other Announcements

It has been announced that Indian Sign Language will be added as a regular language subject in secondary schools. Doing so will promote inclusivity for hearing and speech impaired students. Other NEP initiatives such as three-month play module to prepare children to enter Class 1 and an academic credit bank have also been rolled out earlier.



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