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GK & Current Affairs: August 9, 10, 2014

1. Recently, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” has won the first direct presidential election of which country? [A]Turkey [B]Kenya [C]Zimbabwe [D]Holland Show Answer Turkey Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won first direct presidential election of Turkey. Mr Erdogan secured about 52% of the vote, to avoid any run-off. Mr Erdogan has been Prime Minister since ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 7, 8, 2014

1. Recently, which among the following countries has launched the “Yaogan XX” a remote sensing satellite to carry out scientific experiment and provide early alerts about natural disasters? [A]Japan [B]Russia [C]China [D]USA China China successfully launched the “Yaogan XX” a remote-sensing satellite to carry out scientific experiments and provide early alerts natural disasters. The satellite ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 5, 6, 2014

1. Which among the following states has highest number universities in India? [A]Maharashtra [B]Karnataka [C]Tamil Nadu [D]Gujarat Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu has the maximum 59 universities in the country. 2. The “Zabriskie Plateau” an area of hazardous sharp rocks is located on ____? [A]Jupiter [B]Mars [C]Saturn [D]Venus Mars 3. Pran Kumar Sharma, who passed away ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 3, 4, 2014

1. Apart from Earth, “lo” is the only known body in the solar system with volcanoes erupting and spewing extremely hot lava like on earth. “lo” is one of the moons of __? [A]Saturn [B]Jupiter [C]Mars [D]Neptune Jupiter lo is the fifth of Jupiter’s moons and the third largest. Lo is the only body in ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 1, 2, 2014

1. Muzaffer Ali, who has been selected for Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award, is a famous ____? [A]Film maker [B]Philanthropist [C]Writer [D]Journalist Film maker Famous Indian film maker Muzaffer Ali has been selected for Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana award for his outstanding contribution towards the promotion of Communal harmony, peace and goodwill. The award carries ..

GK & Current Affairs: July 31, 2014

1. Recently, it was reported in newspaper that use of antibiotics in poultry industry might be strongly linked to growing antibiotic resistance in Indians. What purpose antibiotics have been used in poultry industry? [A]Growth promotion [B]Increasing size of egg [C]Increase egg production [D]To keep chickens disease free Growth promotion The poultry industry uses antibiotics as ..

GK & Current Affairs: July 29, 30, 2014

1. Which one of the following pairs of 2014 Ramon Magsaysay winner and country is not correctly matched? [A]Randy Halasan – Philippines [B]Saur Marlina Manurung – Indonesia [C]Hu Shuli – Singapore [D]Omar Khan Masoudi – Afghanistan Hu Shuli – Singapore Hu Shuli is a Chinese investigate journalist whose work has led to the ouster of ..

GK & Current Affairs: July 27, 28, 2014

1. The “Kanjarai Leaf Spot” a fungal disease affects which of the following crops? [A]Mango [B]Banana [C]Papaya [D]Orange Banana Kanjarai Leaf Spot disease is caused by a fungus mycospharella musicola. Occurrence of the disease is severe in Tiruchi, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin, Erode and some other districts of Tamil Nadu. The varieties susceptible to this disease ..